Sunday, March 16, 2008

Wardrobe malfunction disqualifies carnival dancer

A female dancer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil's carnival lost her chance to win after her 1.4 inch (3.5 cm) genital covering temporarily fell off. Genital exposure is against the carnival rules. Hmmm, seems like if they just went ahead and allowed full nudity it would be simpler and they wouldn't have to deal with who broke the rules and who didn't!

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Nudity loses carnival prize

Nude carnival dancers in Brazil
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Joseph Knowles: Survived naked in the woods?

In 1913, a man in Maine named Joseph Knowles became a hero after he went into the woods nude to survive on his own for two months. Or was it a hoax? See the full article here:

Photobucket forbids "nudity" pics of diapered babies!

Photos of babies in diapers were being taken down by Photobucket, citing violation of their terms of service because they depict "nudity". Now it doesn't take a nudist to find this bizarre. Just another item for the Europeans to laugh at the US for our runaway nudity hysteria.

The following article does indicate that Photobucket has since decided to go ahead and restore the deleted images afterall:

On Photobucket, babies in diapers are seen as 'nudity'

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A fair in the Netherlands just for nudists?

Another reason to visit the Dutch! Check out this article, Dutch nudists get their own fair, at The fair will be held 2 times a year and clothes will be left in lockers at the entrance. There are similar events in the USA, including Sunsport Gardens’ annual Mid-winter Naturist Festival, in February, near West Palm Beach, Florida.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Penis Gourds and Nude Worship: Non-sexual nudity on TV

Penis gourd on The Travel Channel's Living with the Mek“National Geographic Nudity” is increasingly being found on standard cable channels. One such case is actually the National Geographic channel. Their Taboo series incudes segments on a nude Pagan ritual and a nudist Catholic church in Vermont.

Meanwhile, on the Travel Channel's Living with the Mek Tribe: The Adventures of Mark and Olly, two Westerners go to live with a tribe in West Papua and are provided "penis gourds" to wear, as all other men in the tribe do. What makes this a little more significant is that they did not blur-out or pixelate this when the men were filmed. On The Travel Channel's previous series "Going Tribal", they did blur-out the white man's genitals, but not the tribesmen's. Racist, you might ask? Probably not intended that way, but certainly could seem so. I applaud their current equal treatment!

Hopefully, more programs and channels will follow suit and relax nudity-censorship a little.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Is Britney Spears a nudist?

Is Britney Spears a nudist?
Britney Spears seems to have no fear of getting nude often. I think I would classify here as one of those people who is a nudist, but won't accept that label. I would also say that she needs to get nude in appropriate circumstances, because nudity for the sake of shock value or reaction is more what you would call exhibitionism, as opposed to nudism.

Most self-declared nudists get nude in appropriate areas such as nudist resorts or nude beaches, where nudity is expected and where nobody is offended (or if visitors are offended, it their own fault for going there).

Britney is not unique, however, among younger Americans in this regard, she's just much more public. Many teenagers and younger adults in America want to be nude, even be nude in front of others, but too often it is in an obnoxious, exhibitionist way - sometimes drug/alcohol-fueled. Yet another reason we nudists should make a presence on the web and let people know there are places and behavioral frameworks for getting nude in a safe, legal, and healthy way.

The truth is, many celebrities are at least home nudists. Most keep that to themselves, but there are a couple, such as Matthew Mcconaughey who openly admit their love of nudity. Many celebrities secretly visit nudist resorts and beaches and many more sunbathe nude in their private backyards.

Back on Britney Spears...I find it strange, but not surprising that allegations of at-home nudity were thrown into the drama surrounding her child custody hearings. Yes, she's not going to be mother-of-the-year and she's coping with problems in a destructive way, but mere nudity in front of her own children is not abuse, in my opinion. Unacceptable in Western culture? Yes. But abusive? No.
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I do wish Britney the best with her troubles. I believe she does care very much for her children though she didn't show up for hearings and does not always outwardly appear concerned. Some people react in a snowballing downward spiral and find new "bottoms" before they come back up.

Britney Spears Poses Nude for Magazine at Diary of a Nudist

Friday, January 18, 2008

Nude models in Italy put on clothes to protest

Nude models in Italian art and colleges went on strike January 18, to protest low salaries and poor job security, by putting their clothes back on.

"Our work is not recognized," life model Antonella Migliorini told La Stampa newspaper. "We pose for eight hours a day and still the colleges treat us like teaching tools. We do a difficult job, with a great tradition resting on our shoulders which requires both imagination and great physical concentration."

Nude models dressed to protest in Italy (Reuters)